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Professional Misconduct Defense Lawyers

When you get a letter stating that you are being charged with misconduct, the stakes change considerably. Now you must either negotiate a settlement, including a penalty, or fight the charges.

Professional Misconduct Defense Lawyers

The penalties range from reprimand to revocation of license. Do not suppose that pleading guilty to a lesser charge gets you entirely off the hook. Pleading guilty to a lesser charge exposes you to action by hospitals, employers, partners, the public and other agencies. You may still have your license, but you may not have access to patients. It is crucial that any settlement be carefully negotiated. Oftentimes, the manner in which you plead can be crucial to your case. The attorneys at Wood & Scher understand all of the permutations that make up the settlement negotiation process.

There are, however, times when no settlement can be reached, and it is necessary to proceed to a hearing. Your interests will be best served by having experienced licensure defense attorneys on hand at this hearing.

Professional Misconduct Attorneys

A vigorous defense often depends on expert witnesses. We have the know-how and resources to bring in experts from the most respected institutions in the country to evaluate your actions. We know the medical world well enough to be able to ask them the right questions.

The judge at your hearing will be an administrative law judge. A committee of three members of the state board will be your jury. After testimony is delivered and all of the evidence has been presented, the committee will deliberate. During this period, the hearing committee considers not only the testimony and documentary evidence but also a written statement submitted by your attorney outlining the facts of your case. This statement highlights your defense. It has to be very persuasive, and Wood & Scher is known for the clarity and forcefulness of its submissions.

The Professional Misconduct Professionals

At Wood & Scher, we pride ourselves on writing clear and effective statements that have proven persuasive to many OPMC hearing committees.

Our record of experience in misconduct prosecutions is second to none. With so much on the line, you want experienced professionals like those of Wood & Scher on your side.

When you are defending your license to practice in the state of New York, there is one office to call or e-mail: Wood & Scher.