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New York State License Investigation Lawyers

It starts with a letter from the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct, usually asking you for the medical records of a specific patient. Like a letter from the IRS, an OPMC notice must be taken seriously.

You may ignore the letter. Or you can stuff an envelope with medical information and mail it in, hoping OPMC will be satisfied and leave you alone. However, the smart thing to do is contact Wood & Scher.

It is important that you secure counsel now, before you mail OPMC any requested medical records. There may be information in your medical records that does not belong there, and to which OPMC is not entitled, that may harm your case. This is part of the reason why you need experienced lawyers to guide you.

As soon as we are retained, we meet with our physician client, carefully review any pertinent records, and try to determine the scope of the case. Our lawyers then begin a thorough investigation of the matter. Attorneys William Wood, Anthony Scher and Andrea Scher will assist you in gathering the information necessary to prepare your defense.

At Wood & Scher, one of our strengths is understanding the investigative phase of an inquiry. Many cases turn out to be complaints about billing or coding, which are not within OPMC's jurisdiction. Also, some cases involve a perceived overuse of tests; however, when they are correctly understood, the test will be seen as valid. Many are simply patient misunderstandings.

We Will Get You Through This

It is important to get a case closed at the earliest possible stage. Wood & Scher has been extremely effective in getting cases closed during the investigation phase. We know the law, we know the ways of the OPMC and OPD, and we have worked on many hundreds of cases, some of them similar to yours. We will help you get you through this. Handled correctly, only about 20 percent of these preliminary letters develop into cases against the recipient.

When you are defending your license to practice in the state of New York, there is one law firm to call or e-mail: Wood & Scher.