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OPMC Appeals Lawyers

Oftentimes, a physician whose license has been challenged turns to a lawyer he or she knows, or plays golf with, or a family friend who has offices nearby. If the defense is unsuccessful, the physician will often do the research that should have been done initially. The physician learns that one of the premier firms to turn to in the appeals process is Wood & Scher.

How Do Licensure Appeals Work?

Appellate hearings are not full-blown trials with presentation of evidence and testimony. They are legally oriented matters requiring analysis, research and law work. The battle tends to go to the side that has done its homework, that states its case most credibly, and that has the deepest experience dealing with the kinds of charges at hand. Wood & Scher has handled numerous appeals successfully.

Medical License Restoration

Many times physicians who have been represented by other counsel turn to Wood & Scher to help them get their licenses back. Wood & Scher has an enviable record of success in such proceedings.

Hospital Disciplinary Actions

In addition to getting involved with investigations, prosecutions and appeals that involve the OPMC and OPD, Wood & Scher works on cases of individual hospitals issuing disciplinary charges against a member of the medical staff, stripping the physician of his or her admitting privileges or terminating the physician's residency.

Complaints at a hospital against a physician can take many forms, and Wood & Scher provide exceptional representation in all hospital-related matters. Hospital proceedings can be referred by the hospital to OPMC, causing an investigation. It is important to take such matters seriously — by hiring Wood & Scher.

When you are defending your license to practice in the state of New York, there is one law firm to call or e-mail: Wood & Scher.