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Wood & Scher - White Plains Professional License Defense Attorneys
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New York OPD / OPMC Defense Lawyers

The Wood & Scher practice focuses on every aspect of licensure defense:

  • Investigations. This process occurs prior to charges being filed. We work to ensure that the client has a positive OPMC/OPD interview and the greatest possible chance of avoiding charges altogether.
  • Prosecutions. Once the physician is charged, a hearing is held and a committee issues a verdict. Wood & Scher has achieved superb hearing results over the years.
  • Appeals and other matters. Professionals are entitled to appeal adverse verdicts. Wood & Scher is called upon frequently to take appeals in OPMC matters that have been handled unsuccessfully by other counsel. In addition, we defend clients against disciplinary actions by hospitals and other entities.

New York State License Defense Attorneys

Throughout the process, we are there to support and provide guidance to our clients. We help them to be prepared for their OPMC/OPD interview. We accompany them to the interview to guard their rights. We prepare materials to submit after the interview. We defend our clients at every stage, and we are ready to appeal any adverse decisions.

Every Kind of License Defense

Our lawyers defend clients accused of almost every kind of professional misconduct accusation: practicing fraudulently or negligently; practicing while impaired; having been convicted of a crime; overpromising results; performing unauthorized services and abusing patients.

We defend clients whose licenses have been challenged in other states. We also assist in seeking medical license restoration for those physicians whose licenses have already been revoked.

When you are defending your license to practice in the state of New York, call or e-mail OPMC/OPD defense attorneys of Wood & Scher.