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New York Professional License Defense Lawyers

It usually starts with a letter to you from the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), asking you for medical records pertaining to one or more of your patients. This is an extremely important letter as it means that your right to practice and your ability to earn a livelihood are about to be called into question.

The day you get the OPMC notification is the day to call the law firm of Wood & Scher.

Responding to 'The Letter'

Physicians know that the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct is serious about its work. "The letter" you received is a cause for concern. It is the beginning of a misconduct investigation. Many doctors who undergo this process say they wish they had acted sooner ... wished they had taken the letter more seriously ... wished they had hired specialized counsel earlier to defend their practices.

New York Professional Misconduct Attorneys

Wood & Scher is known throughout the state for successfully defending physicians and other professionals against charges of professional misconduct.

Why are we so highly regarded and respected? Because we have worked on both sides of the licensure issue — first as prosecutors (Anthony Scher was the Director of Prosecutions, Bill Wood was Executive Director of the State Office of Professional Discipline), and then as defense counsel for more than 25 years. Because we have worked on many hundreds of these cases and our clients usually come out of the process unscathed, no New York law firm has enjoyed more success in this field than Wood & Scher.

Our hallmarks as a firm are our creativity, our thoroughness in examining every angle of a case, and our attention to detail.

Committed to Excellence in Medical License Defense

Many physicians who have gone through the misconduct process with unsuccessful results come to us for an appeal. Other attorneys in the license defense area frequently consult us on their own cases. That shows the depth of our experience and knowledge.

When so much is on the line, you want the lawyers who so many other doctors and lawyers have turned to — Wood & Scher.

When you are defending your license to practice in the state of New York, call or e-mail the professional license defense attorneys of Wood & Scher.